Painting the absurd - 2

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Why do we buy paintings?

In 50 years paintings by modern artists will become antiques. Plenty of things, which are quite expensive now, will become obsolete and thrown away. If one keeps them, the best possible outcome will be to pass them on to a museum gratis to make a display of today's way of life. On the contrary, works of art get more and more expensive as time goes by. We all know that a lot of people are making good money selling and reselling paintings created during the Soviet period...

It is prestigious to have paintings at home, besides, a well-thought-of art gallery at home will demonstrate your taste and your understanding of art. A genuine painting adds flavor to your interior. Even a small room will look aristocratic with such a luxury as a good piece of painting. Much more important are paintings for spacious first-class rooms, where there is virtually everything. Paintings make any interior look complete. Finally, a painting is a wonderful present for any important occasion.


  • The brutal tenderness

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